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A few days ago, I created an Indonesian translation for the Stream plugin. It’s been a while since I used POEdit to create/update translations, so this post will serve as a reminder for me. :)

Before creating the translation for the Stream plugin, I needed to make some changes to the translatable strings so that translators can freely place the tokens. As we all know, each language has its own style, structure, and whatnot, so forcing the order of words in a sentence is a bad idea.

Stream already has some translation when I made those changes, so I needed to provide a quick guide for the translators on how they can update their translations, in this particular case, using POEdit.

Plugin Developers

As plugin developers, you need to read the excellent Language Packs 101 – Prepwork article by Otto, and that’s it. You don’t even need to provide the .po file, but providing the .pot file is a must!


If this is your first time creating the translation:

  1. Fire up POEdit
  2. Click File » New Catalog From POT file
  3. Select the .pot file provided by the plugin
  4. Fill Up the Translation Properties then click OK
  5. Save the file with this format: <plugin-slug>-<language-code>.po, eg: stream-id_ID.po
  6. Translate away and save the file.

If you already have the translation and want to update it:

  1. Fire up POEdit
  2. Open the current .po file
  3. Click Catalog » Update from POT file
  4. Select the .pot file provided by the plugin
  5. Translate away and save the file.

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