Conditionally disable Jetpack’s Infinite Scroll

So you implemented Jetpack’s Infinite Scroll feature in your theme, but you don’t want it in a particular page, say a category archive page. Here’s the code you need to add to your theme’s functions.php file:

 * Disable Jetpack's Infinite Scroll Conditionally
function _kucrut_disable_jetpack_infinite_scroll_conditionally() {
	if ( true === my_conditionals() ) {
		remove_theme_support( 'infinite-scroll' );
add_action( 'template_redirect', '_kucrut_disable_jetpack_infinite_scroll_conditionally', 9 );

Just remember to change my_conditionals() with your actual conditionals and to never add the action callback after priority 9, otherwise it will be too late 😉

Conditionally disable Jetpack’s Infinite Scroll

2 thoughts on “Conditionally disable Jetpack’s Infinite Scroll

  1. Jamie says:

    After a couple of hours of of Google-Fu, I landed on this post and it solved my problem. The documentation for Infinite Scroll is lacking to say the least. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. One could also use the infinite_scroll_archive_supported filter (see source) which is used for checking if the infinite scroll should be enabled or not:

    add_filter( 'infinite_scroll_archive_supported', function( $supported ) {
    	// Disable on category archives, for example
    	if ( is_category() ) {
    		return false;
    	return $supported;

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